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2019년 11월 교육 자료

2022년 교육안

This is an old revision of the document!

# by Haeyoung Jeong

FILENAME=$(basename "$1") #sample.hist or
echo "File base: $BASE"

echo "set term png" > ${BASE}.gp
echo "set output \"${BASE}.png\"" >> ${BASE}.gp
#echo "set datafile separator \",\"" >> ${BASE}.gp
echo "set logscale x" >> ${BASE}.gp
echo "set logscale y" >> ${BASE}.gp
echo "set grid" >> ${BASE}.gp
echo "set xlabel \"kmer frequency\"" >> ${BASE}.gp
echo "set ylabel \"number of distinct kmer\"" >> ${BASE}.gp
echo "plot \"$1\" using 1:2 with lines" >> ${BASE}.gp

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